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President Masami Tajima

Franchise Advantage Inc. (FCA), a consulting firm specializing in franchising business, has been established since 1996.

We provide business and technical support for developing of franchisor’s system of many famous Japanese retail chains, restaurant chains and service chains such as BOOK OFF, TSUTAYA, YOSHINOYA, LAWSON, PEPPER LUNCH, SEGA, WORLD, and so on.

Recently, with our productivity improvement consulting service mainly on chain operation, we contribute to improving profit performance for many companies such as MUJI, COCOKARAFINE, SEIJOISHII, YOSHIZUYA, DRUG ELEVEN, LADY DRUG STORE, KITAMURA (STUDIO MARIO), UCC FOODSERVICE SYSTEM and so on.

In addition, we develop both the portal site for team management system which is able to be installed at low cost and with idea from the site and the work schedule system which achieves store operation by small but highly skilled staff. Since our business started, we have been making “original plan” for each company reflecting on its actual situation and carrying out thorough “on-site approach” which surely produces the best performance on site.

In service industry, in which it is said that productivity improvement is difficult, we support for establishing a system to achieve the goal by store staff as one team and satisfy both ”realistic measures to increase the sales” and “small group operation.”


  • Actual performance to lead about 400 franchisors of service chain and about 30,000 stores.
  • Establishing wide human network with top level client in each industry segments, including Japan’s leading service industry business managers.
  • Visiting professor at Gakkohoujin TOKYO Seitoku Gakuen, Seitoku University humanities department modern business course
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, committee member etc.: “Platform to promote best practicein service sector for better world” core member (2012-2013)/ “Service engineering promotion committee” member (2011)/ “Service industry productivity innovation committee” member (2010)/ “SB know how transfer/support business” member (2010-2011)/ “Community business know how transfer business” member (2010-2011)/ “Workshop on a gender-equality” member (2003)/ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry・Small and Medium Enterprise Agency/ Start-up・venture business public forum (2007-2011)
  • Cabinet Office, committee member etc.: reconstruction assistance type regional social employment creation business, Social starting up incubation business, Michinoku Starting up, Selection committee (2012)/Regional area social employment creation business. Social starting up incubation business, Social venture start up market, Selection committee (2010-2011)
  • Incorporated association Kanto new business conference commissioner (2008)
  • Incorporated association Franchising chain conference database committee member (2000)


Franchise Advantage Inc.
Cosmopolis Shinagawa 3603, 3-6-21 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075
TEL:03-5796-3377 / FAX:03-5796-3366
207,560,000 JPY (as of 2010, March)
May 24th, 1996
Board member
President Masami Tajima, Director Tetsuro Nishina, Director Wada Naoyuki
Business lineup
Chain business consulting
Store productivity improvement and innovation of operation
Chain business management, Implementation of chain operation
Development and sales of store system and hardware
Importing and sales of storage battery
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Akasaka
Share holder
Masami Tajima, Masuda and Partners K.K.., Yoshinoya Holding Co., Ltd, Mitubishi Corporation, Book Off Corporation Ltd., Nikkeisha Inc., GOTO Co., Ltd., COMTEC INC.,and Tanizawafoods Co.,Ltd o on